This system is the eyes on the back of your vehicle you’ve always needed.

The Search Eye Sensor System automatically applies the brakes in your commercial vehicle if an object is detected. This system can protect you, your vehicle, and those around you.

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Global Sensor Systems Automatic Braking System


These braking systems are simple to install, simple to learn, and simple to use!

Our systems decrease backing accidents and prevent people, whether it be the driver or the pedestrian behind the moving vehicle, from getting hurt.

The automatic braking system differs from the non-automatic braking system because it has many more features and parts such as:

  • 1 Electronic Brake Valve
  • 1 Electronic Brake Valve Mounting Bracket
  • 1 Pressure Protection Valve
  • 1 Pressure Reducing Valve
  • 1 Shuttle Valve
  • 1 Reverse Dual Relay Harness
  • 1 Brake Single Relay Harness
Global Sensor Systems Non-Automatic Braking System


Like our automatic braking systems, our non-automatic braking systems are also simple to install, simple to learn, and simple to use!

The non-automatic braking system has less parts making it easier to use than the automatic braking system; however, it’s missing some key features.

Some parts that the non-automatic braking system has the the automatic braking system doesn’t:

  • 1 Ground Wire
  • 1 Red Warning Light For Control Box

Missing a piece that needs replacing? We’ve got you covered!


Check out our manuals for more information on how to use and install our products!


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