GSS is an industry-leading research, design and manufacturing company of infrared sensor products. Fourty five years ago, GSS developed the first and only contactless automatic reverse braking system for commercial vehicles.

Mission & Vision

GSS is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and committed to creating an inclusive environment. We know and believe that diverse and inclusive teams empower us to make better decisions and inspire innovation so that we can better serve our customers and community.

picture with GSS ceo, owner, and executive director


GSS Founder is Inspired in the Mid 1970s

While working in direct sales selling lightbulbs, GSS’ founder Gordan Cooper was inspired by the beeping sound of a truck backing up to a loading dock. He called his brother, Richard, to explain his idea of creating a similar product. Richard has a background in electronics, and the pair knew they could come up with a similar product.

Gordon Searches for Product Users

After researching potential users for their new product, Gordon discovered a company called Disposal Services in Weston. He met with Harry Chad, who was in charge of the company’s trucks, and explained his interest in the truck’s backup beeping devices. Harry replied, “It’s not the people around the vehicle who are the problem. I need something that will actually stop the truck from backing into sh*t!”

The Lightbulb Goes Off in Gordon’s Head

After leaving Harry’s office, Gordon went home and watched a show called Longstreet, in which the main character uses a cane that vibrated when it came in close proximity to an object. That’s when the lightbulb that sparked GSS’ sensor system went off in Gordon’s head.

Gordon Creates the Draft of His Concept

By 1977, Gordon created rough drafts of his idea. He shared the concept with Richard and their father, Charles. The trio spent a year designing, building, and testing the product in their garage.

Gordon Begins Selling His Systems

Gordon started selling his product to shop mechanics and did demonstrations. This eventually led him to meet fleet managers and owners.

GSS was Founded

In 1986, GSS was established. It became the solution to help prevent the common backing accidents occurring in the waste management industry. GSS began working with clients like the City of Toronto.

The Future of GSS

Since its founding, GSS’ team has grown. In 2022, Gordon’s daughter, Caroline, joined her family’s business. GSS now serves a range of distributors throughout North America, selling their commercial vehicle safety systems.


Portrait of Gordon Cooper

Gordon Cooper

Owner & CEO

Portrait of Richard Cooper

Richard Cooper


Portrait of Caroline Cooper

Caroline Cooper

Executive Director

Portrait of Mike Parker

Mike Parker

Director of Operations

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